If I begin in the order that I read them, Seeking Refuge, is a graphic novel written by Irene Watts and drawn by Kathryn E. Shoemaker.  This novel was a pleasant surprise, as I hadn’t realised Goodbye Marianne was the start of a trilogy that was based around Watt’s experiences as a refugee in the United Kingdom during the war.  I was curious to learn what happened… Read More

May 8, 2018

I think I agree with a quote in the New Yorker, that this graphic novel feels a little like a bit of an act of revenge by Sattouf at his father for his childhood being dragged to Libya and Syria. His father is conveyed through Sattouf as a child narrator who blindly repeats his father’s arrogant, misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist and naive rants without comment and… Read More

May 6, 2018

This is a YA novel that doesn’t disappoint. It was on a list of 24 Books That Make You Stay Up Late Reading, and while I don’t agree with all the choices, this one had me literally reading till the early hours this morning.  Which recalled Stephen King’s devilish desire to mess with his readers lives because of “the gotta, as in: “I know I should be starting… Read More

April 29, 2018

Ah, I have not managed my post a day challenge! But I am back and this time with my list of 134 High School Recommended Books 2018, (many would be enjoyed by adults also!) There is some crossover with the Middle School and Prep Recommended novels, but a vast majority are not on both lists. Again, I have placed the suggested novels on a wish list at… Read More

April 28, 2018