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April 21, 2018 -- by admin


IrminaToday is that amazing combination of a sunny day for the start of a long weekend and a lull after a busy marking period.  The possibilities are endless.

Today’s plan, after errands are achieved, is to get into my graphic novel I bought to extend upon The Diary Anne Frank unit we completed this week. The novel is set in London in 1930s when Irmina a young German woman meets Howard Green, the first black student at Oxford and how their relationship is affected by the beginning of he war. Barbara Yelin’s graphics are stunning.


I bought this novel at the very comprehensive bookstore, Taschen, on a fabulous getaway weekend in Belgium.  The book store is my first port of call on any holiday and I think it is a great souvenir. Does anyone else have a story of a great novel they discovered on holiday? I do have some lovely memories discovering second-hand bookstores in Prague and the famous Shakespeare and Company in Paris and Vienna.

I am a huge fan of graphic novels and it can be a great gateway to understanding more about history.  A great guide to understanding the art of graphic novels and comics is Scott McCloud’s text on Understanding Comics. I also discovered a site today that goes into depth on a range of graphic novels that can be used to teach the Holocaust. It is very comprehensive, but I would like to add for middle school students another effective graphic novel is Goodbye Marianne: A Story of Growing Up in Nazi Germany, by Irene N. Watts. There was also Holocaust – The Story of a Survivor, by Dee Philips, which I discuss in more detail in my next post

On an unrelated note, here is an inspiring site to check out by Amy Poehler called Smart Girls. You can also follow the site on instagram and here positive messages about woman achieving their goals and what inspires girls.

Amy Poehler Smart Girls

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