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April 28, 2018 -- by admin

Ah, I have not managed my post a day challenge!

But I am back and this time with my list of 134 High School Recommended Books 2018, (many would be enjoyed by adults also!) There is some crossover with the Middle School and Prep Recommended novels, but a vast majority are not on both lists. Again, I have placed the suggested novels on a wish list at the Book Depository so you can find out about all the novels in one place.


This list began when a high school student of mine was frustrated that students in the class had only watched the movie for their book projects and he wanted a more fair system, so I began this list of novels I have read and that, in the main, have not been turned into movies.

Some of the novels on the list have only been released in the last year, like the light Zenn Diagram by Wendy Brandt and The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. And some are classics like my favourite novel The Catcher in the Rye by J.D.Salinger.

One great aspect of revamping my lists has been discovering which novels have been turned into graphic novels or movies.  For example, I learned that Angie Thomas has a new novel coming out May 1st – On The Come Up. And that The Hate U Give (2018) movie has finished shooting.  An update on this … I eagerly went to order her novel online on May 1st and to my disappointment it was unavailable until February 2019.  And yes, Thomas noted on twitter she wasn’t quite ready yet and confirmed the post-poned date.  However, I did learn that her new novel is based on Bri a teen rapper, and it turns out Thomas was also a rapper in her past.

The Hate You Give Movie

I also really enjoyed creating both book lists, but found doing the High School list more freeing as there were so many more novels and genres that you could touch upon in more depth.  For instance, there is a larger murder mystery, coming of age and graphic novel sections accordingly.

NB: If there is some explicit language, violence or LGBT themes I have noted it alongside the book summary.

Has anyone read any of the novels on the list or have some further suggestions? All are welcome.

I had planned on reading  The Tattoist of Auschiwitzby Heather Morris next, but I decided to take a break from the Holocaust and read the novel below, now that my student has finished it.Blackie sleeping on One of Us is Lying

Thank you for reading.

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